Mobility Services

Our mobility practice provides expert services to develop application strategies for your organization - from a start ups to mature enterprises.

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Mobile For The Future

We deliver world class mobile application development across various sectors.

To keep up with the transformative impact of mobile, our extensive experience in custom mobile design and development allow organizations to thrive and flourish in the digital age. We help our clients capitalize on new data, modern technologies, and digital growth.

Android and iOS Apps

We address changing business needs by building custom applications using tools and languages for both iOS and Android platforms. For Android platforms, we specialize in Android studio, C, C++ HTML, CSS, Google Material, Java and Androids Kotlin.

User Experience

Our team of UX/UI designers believe in co-creating stunning digital experiences. By obtaining a thorough understanding of our clients brand and project goals, we deliver a seamless user experience.

Application Engineering

Our engineers and developers have tackled the most complex and unique problem, working flexibly and impeccably. We ensure our clients receive iOS applications that deliver real value and growth.

Versatile Developers

We not only deliver present goals but also foresees opportunities for the future. We work from ground up and beyond from building infrastructure and APIs to third party integrations and web/Android development. 

Case Studies

Case Study 1:

A Concierge Service for a leading tourism & hospitality company offering digital concierge service was built on both iOS and Android platforms. Gamification, rewards for check-in, location-based rebates, special promotions and offer transportation information from within the app for Taxi, MRT and Public bus services. Addition  features include multi-lingual audio guide for themed audio tours.

Case Study 2:

We built a rich feature set that included Electronic Medical Records, Patient Health Monitoring Systems, Appointments & Scheduling Portals, Nurse Care Procedures and Remote Consultation.

The immense benefit derived out of this iOS and Android application helped in Placing patient medical records on a mobile platform for 24/7access, this facilitated the elimination of recurring work. This was also helpful in bridging the gaps in daily processes. This created an electronically documented work flow stream. This was useful in improving the efficiency of information transfer, connectivity within the hospital ecosystem and enabling remote consultation and diagnosis This feature narrowed response time towards patient care by streamlining the admin tasks there by allowing the nurses to spend more time to care for patients at the bed.